Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Key Things that Make Enterprise Software (ES) Ideal

It is helpful to both Organization and customers if the enterprise software is good and informative. There are many factors which makes the ES ideal. Some of the most important aspects that make the software of an organization ideal are

1. Good Functionality
2. Appealing to the users
  • Easy to use
  • Visually attractive
3. Creative
4. Informative

1. Good Functionality
  • Enterprise software are meant for the businesses. Hence it has to cover all the areas of the business and get the job done for the organization.
  • It is not an ideal thing for the business if it misses out any of the functionality of the business.
  • All the operations of the business must be performed accurately and quickly.
  • It should be well understood by the users and the employees need to be trained to utilize it effectively helping for the growth of the organization.

2. Appealing to Users
Users tend to use the enterprise software if it is appealing and attractive to them. The two most important things that makes the ES appealing to the users are:
  • Easy to use:For people or employees of the business should be able to use the software properly for the operations of the business. Users should find it easy to browse the products, information about the products and finishing the transactions. This is possible only if it is well clear and easy to use.
  • Visually attractive:This shows the quality conscious of the organization and creates best impression to the new customers. Enterprise software should be attractive visually to tempt the customers to visit it many times.

3. Creative
  • It is not a good sign for the organizations if the developers of the enterprise software stick to the traditional ways of building the software.
  • Developers should be creative and put innovative ideas into the enterprise software to make it stand out among all other organizations.
  • Organizations should also encourage the developers in building the creative software for their business.
  • Good understanding, frequent conversations and constructive debates between the developers and the organizations helps build creative enterprise software.

4. Informative
  • Enterprise software is a like a mediator between business and customers/clients. It represents the organization. Thus, it is important that the software should convey all the needed information about the organization to users.
  • There is nothing wrong in integrating an extra help to the users in the form of documents and presentations for the reference. This increases the productivity of the organization.
  • For businesses who are into the sales, extra care should be taken about this factor. When customers log in, they should get the complete information about the organization, its products and the services.
  • In case of collaboration of other organizations, the first thing they do to approve the offer is they log in to the application and verify the details. It gives a positive impression if the other party if they get all the information they are looking for. Hence, it is necessary for the enterprise software to be informative for the expansion and development of the business.

Care should be taken by businesses while developing enterprise software.  It should have all the features to make it an ideal enterprise software.

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