Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Want to Design Your Website – Know How to Design

Designing a website is very time consuming, but there is nothing like the feeling when having visitors across the world looking at the design that you have worked on. While for designing the website you need to have an idea about the what you want on your website, when you know this, you can put that idea on the paper or else you can use a graphics program i.e., GIMP or adobe photoshop.

If you use the paper first, you can use the graphics program. Once you create your website on the graphics program, you are in the position to create the actual website.

While designing the website the first thing you need to do is preparing a document. For that you need to open adobe photo shop, and then go to file/new the top left on the menu, after that you should set the document height and width to 900*935. Then make sure that the resolution should be 72 DPL. The designing site shall have a resolution of 1024, some people will use the 1024*768 for screen resolution.

In the next step, you need to fill the background and set your guides and expand. So fill the background color, and then maximize your window and go to view/new guide and hit OK, then repeat the #3 and set the position to 5 in, then left click on new guide and drag it to the very right edge.

Then, go to image and canvas size, then change the width to the 18 then hit OK. Then use the paint bucket to fill in the left and also the right side of the newly expanded document with the same background color

Next place is your logo, where you want to place and choose the color according to the background. Then, design the header, mostly the header consists of logo also the navigation. Then select the square marquee drag the square as much as you require, then use the paint bucket with a black as a fore ground, then left click inside of the square selection, then select the layer that the logo is on and then go to image/adjustments/invert, then place the logo layer to the top in the layer window and move the logo inside the square black area.

If you want you can make it look more by adding the your favorite flavors, select the type tool, then choose the Arial at size 14pt and make sure that the anti-alias is set none. Then type the navigation like Home, Review sites, etc. then hit ctrl + ;< - this shows and hides the guides, also we don't need then again after this point.

The next step is about the primary content. Add the footer, it is simple, in fact you can duplicate the layers from the headers with the rough part of it at the bottom, then you can duplicate the text that has served as the navigation and then add an extra navigation and then right-align it for a quick advertising/contact link. By this, you can complete the designing process of the website.

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